What My Students Say

Part of the enjoyment for me in teaching yoga is being able to give something to others and tailoring my teaching methods to suit every individual. My classes are small so that I can focus my attention on everyone individually.

I have taught yoga to people with all sorts of different occupations and pastimes including a Gold medal Paralympian rifle shooting champion, home-makers, runners and those recovering from serious illness or injury. My oldest student has been well into her 80‘s too so there is no upper age limit on who can do yoga!

This is what some of my students have to say:

For the past 12 years I have only dabbled in doing yoga, never really feeling able to settle with a particular teacher.  I have finally found a great source of inspiration in Tanya.  Tanya is calm and considerate in her teaching.  She has the ability to adapt to teach all levels of people and a canny knack in sensing the group dynamic on a week to week basis, adjusting the mood accordingly so that we get the most out of our practise.  Tanya is a great communicator and also very good fun!  My neck and back problems that I have suffered over the years are helped tremendously through regular yoga. After the session and the next few days following class, I feel aligned, strong and revitalised.  I would highly recommend Tanya’s classes.
Jane Seaman

Since starting Tanya’s classes earlier this year I have noticed a considerable improvement in my general well being. I feel healthier in both body and mind. My flexibility improved almost immediately and continues to do so and I’ve been surprised by how much my body has toned. Recently I’ve noticed a significant increase in strength without developing huge muscles! I’ve met some great people at the classes and Tanya creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. I wouldn’t be without yoga now – I see it as something I will do for the rest of my life – Thank you Tanya.

I have been doing Tanya’s yoga classes for almost 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I started by doing one class a week and I now do two.Tanya teaches the techniques in a thorough, professional and fun way. The benefits I have experienced have been amazing! My flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity have increased, my skin has improved and the breathing and meditation techniques help me to relax and sleep. Yoga is now a really important part of my life and despite working full time and having all the other pressures life brings I plan to always make space for yoga with Tanya.

I started yoga classes with Tanya with trepidation! Being a guy and in recovery from cancer I was doubtful of the ‘benefits’ of yoga but decided to try it anyway.

I have found that the yoga has helped to regain my body strength and overall health- essential for managing my cancer! I too now realise the ‘benefits’ of yoga although I know I still have alot to learn. 

I cannot begin to describe how lucky and grateful I feel to have attended Tanya’s classes. Her passion for yoga is self evident and infectious and she is a shining example of the ‘benefits’ of yoga.

Thank you.
Gordon Park

Most people know me as a yoga teacher however, I have a PhD in psychology and I am also a therapist.  Here is what one person recently says  (summer 2017) :

Thank you Tanya you helped me through a difficult time. I had lost a good friend to an awful illness.I wanted to go to his funeral and say goodbye without becoming completely overcome with emotion. With Tanya’s help before the funeral and using her technics on the day,  I was able control my feelings and maintain my composure.

Once again I would like to thank Tanya for her help.