Classes and Locations

The yoga style is based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli. It is suitable for all people of all ages irrespective of physical health .

Yoga Classes for  Winter 2018/ 2019: 

Tuesdays , 12 midday ( from 08 January 2019) 
Scaravelli Style Yoga at Jubilee Hall , Hartley Wintney (RG27  8RQ)

£65 for 6 consecutive weeks. £12.50 drop in price.

Tuesdays , 7.15 pm – 8.45 pm ( from 08 January 2019)

Yoga for Stress Reduction  (The Street, Greywell, Nr Hook, Hants )

A mix of breathing practices , simple body work and a little meditation to find a little bit of calm,  all in a perfectly quiet village location.

£65 for 6 consecutive weeks. £12.50 drop in price.

Wednesdays,  7 pm (from 09 January 2019 ) Scaravelli Style Yoga at North Warnborough Village Hall  (RG29 1EA).

£54 for 6 weeks or £10 a session. Children/ Students over 14 years welcome £6 a session. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Thursdays –  5.30pm and 7pm ( from 03 January 2019 )

Scaravelli Style Yoga at Frogmore Day Centre (GU46 6AG)

£75 for 6 weeks .

Fridays, 10 am ( from 04 January 2019)

Scaravelli Style Yoga at Greywell Village Hall (The Street, Greywell, Nr Hook, Hants )

£72 for 6 weeks .

Private 1-2-1 Classes

Hart Clinic on The Green Hartley Wintney, The Old Forge House, Cricket Green, RG27 8PZ or at my home studio in Odiham – contact Tanya for details.

Saturday monthly Workshops at Greywell Village Hall (RG29 1BY) from 2-5 pm

Each workshop costs just £27 and refreshments are provided. 

19 January 2019 : ‘Moving  into 2019 with ease .

This workshop will ease us into 2019, we will find a way of working with the body to find  release in the neck, shoulders, hips and spine. The movement work is often subtle but it works effectively to give us freedom as we work with the body and not against it . We work in a way that respects our bodies and because of  that it begins to yield and open and we find easier movements and a sense of release. This workshop will be great for anyone that suffers with back, hip, knee or neck and shoulder problems.

We will take a refreshment break towards the end of the workshop and finish with a peaceful relaxation . The workshop is suitable for all.

Feb 09 2019 : Building a good foundation for your practice 

This workshop will explore freedom of movement using the whole body from the ground up .  We will spend time exploring posture work where we use the feet as a strong base. By the end of the workshop, you will have found ease in movement , having more freedom in hips, shoulders , necks and will have found room  for an easier breath . We will take a refreshment break towards the end of the workshop and finish with a peaceful relaxation . The workshop is suitable for all.

02 March 2019 :  Finding strength .

This workshop will look at how we can develop our practice to find stronger postures  We will look at how to develop our stomach muscles without compromising any other areas as is often the case in traditional ‘core’ work. We will look at postures such as plank, that are considered to be all about upper body strength but we will see how when we integrate our body as a whole we find them with more ease. We will take a refreshment break towards the end of the workshop and finish with a peaceful relaxation . By the end of the workshop you will know how to develop strength in the body without pain or injury. The workshop is suitable for all though if recovering from injuries it may not be suitable for you. Please discuss with Tanya first.

Other provisional workshop dates for 2019 : April 06, Jun 01, July 06, August 03, Sept 07, Oct 05, Nov 02, Dec 07

Lastly …Yoga Holiday to Sulyeman’s Garden in Turkey. 04-11 May 2019. For further details contact Tanya

Any questions? Contact me at or call / text me 07796 895 942.

My Yoga Style

My practice has its roots with a style of yoga called Scaravelli, based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli. I am also influenced by current visionaries in the field of movement, and this mix of ideas makes for an intelligent way to look at human movement. It promotes ease in movement for everybody.

The beauty of the work is that it can help everyone: for example  I currently teach people  looking for recovery after hip or knee replacements to  super active martial arts students looking to find more flexibility and ease in the body.

As individuals we each have unique bodies, the same as we have unique faces and so classes are centred on the individual , rather than the teacher’s expectations of what an individual should achieve. I ensure there is freedom for each person to explore their own practice and feel their own body. This makes the emphasis less about achieving a particular posture but more about the journey of getting there. Classes are suitable for everyone and in each class students are  encouraged to take the movement practice at their own pace. Classes are nearly always small,  usually with less than 10 people in each.

I also have a very gentle Greyhound who occasionally joins classes.