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The yoga style is based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli. It is suitable for all people of all ages irrespective of physical health . The work we do is based on a paradigm shift in our understanding of anatomy and physiology, which allows us to find a true understanding of human movement.

As many students know I have been  currently struggling with my health since early March .  Thanks to all my great students for being so supportive at this tricky time.  I’m working hard on getting back to good health and hope to be able to help others soon.  

Workshop at Greywell Village Hall 

“Finding Space”

Saturday 21st March 2020

2 – 5 pm (postponed until 2021 )

Finding Space’ is about exploring that sense of space within ourselves giving us an  opening of our joints to be away from our bones , which  in turn makes our movements  feel oiled,  light and free. The breath becomes easier too so  we begin to feel calm and relaxed.

Aches and pains, breathing problems, tiredness and any number of health disorders can be the result of lack of spaciousness in movement – and the mental and emotional implications  are immense. 

In this workshop  we will find ways to enhance the quality of our movements , throughout the workshop they will become lighter , easier and are made with less effort. The workshop will be informative , based on scientific evidence and of course we will have a little fun as always too.

Workshops are always friendly, informal and open to all.

Cost:  £25 in advance or £30 on the day. Refreshments are provided. 

Retreat Day  at Greywell Village Hall 

Sunday 03 May  10.30 –  5 pm (Postponed until 2021)

This retreat day will be a perfect opportunity to find some time to  find yourself again.
Slow down , recharge , disconnect from technology , noise , the business of everyday life . Enter into silence, create mental space , re-awaken  and connect directly to your senses. 
The location is the perfect place to do this too as Greywell is the perfect quintessential English hamlet  with no traffic noise, open fields, a pretty church and cottages and lovely river walk to explore. 
I have run these retreat days from time to time and each time has been special to me and to others that have shared the experience. 
A little about the day : 
During the morning , there will be a time for some  gentle movement practice to release tension in the muscles that  hold us in our stress response (there is always a ‘tiger in the room’ when we hold tension and stiffness in our jaws, fronts of shoulders , eyes and front of hips… ); then there will be time for tea break and then some breath work and calming relaxation time before lunch. 
At lunch time we will start our silent practice where there will be silence (as in no talking) until the end of the day . It is empowering to try it if you never have. It gives us permission  to switch off from having to portray our social selves to the world. We become a connected group without having to try too hard. We have quiet moments , we have time to be still. We have time to find important thoughts or not so , as the case may be . We might smile to ourselves as we give ourselves permission to be our true selves again as no one expects anything from us. 
We will share a mindfulness lunch , i.e., we will eat in silence and take time to notice the texture of food, the taste , how it feels to swallow , hold the food. Taste our drinks. It sounds odd maybe , but it is an amazing experience for something so simple.  After this we will share an easy access and  mindful walk together – in silence still- to the very pretty Greywell Church and then along to the river Whitewater (about 40 minutes or so- all easy walking along paths/ flat ground  ) before our return back to the hall. You will notice the breeze, the colours , your  footsteps , the terrain under foot much more than you would normally do as the senses become heightened . After this, back at the hall  a final relaxation  with the sound of the singing bowl,  then time to talk  again (if you want to ) before home… (if the weather is bad we will adapt as necessary – for anyone with mobility problems the walking part of the workshop is only a small part of the day and you would still benefit by joining )
Cost:  £80 or £70 for early bookers before 01 March.  10 percent discount for all Tuesday night meditation students . Lunch and refreshments are provided. 
Picture of River Whitewater nr Greywell

Any questions? Contact me at 

or call / text me :07796 895 942.

My Yoga Style

My practice has its roots with a style of yoga called Scaravelli, based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli. I am also influenced by current visionaries in the field of movement, and this mix of ideas makes for an intelligent way to look at human movement. It promotes ease in movement for everybody.

The beauty of the work is that it can help everyone: for example  I currently teach people  looking for recovery after hip or knee replacements to  super active sports professionals  looking to find more efficiency and ease in the body.

As individuals we each have unique bodies, the same as we have unique faces and so classes are centred on the individual , rather than the teacher’s expectations of what an individual should achieve. I ensure there is freedom for each person to explore their own practice and feel their own body. This makes the emphasis less about achieving a particular posture but more about the journey of getting there. Classes are suitable for everyone and in each class students are  encouraged to take the movement practice at their own pace. Classes are nearly always small,  usually with less than 10 people in each.

I also have a  very gentle ,ex – racer, black greyhound who sometimes joins us in  classes. (Sadly Rosie , my blonde hound died in Feb 2020, but she had a very happy retirement with me and was much loved by me and many of our yoga students.)