Our feet are much neglected. We don’t really need to use them much anymore; they are cushioned and molly coddled by thick soled shoes and we walk on flat floors. It’s a very unnatural environment and one that would not have been around 100 or so years ago. It makes our feet, developmentally , way behind the rest of the body. According to Gary Carter from Natural Bodies, this development is lagging behind by 15 years. However, our feet are like the pistons of the body , they want to get involved and help us maintain balance and movement. They have as many bones and muscles as our hands and yet, in most people, they lack the dexterity that we have in hands and fingers. Using the feet , and the whole body efficiently, can help us achieve space and lightness in the joints and so therefore help us to avoid hip and knee replacements as we get older. If you want to know more, come to a class and all will become clear.