About Me

I think that yoga has the potential to benefit everyone, no matter what their ability or beliefs.

My Yoga Teaching

I have been a yoga teacher for over 10 years .

yoga classes Surrey, Hampshire
Learn to use your body efficiently 

I enjoy working with people individually at my studio, or their own home , and I specialise in helping with post operative healing such as getting  good movement back after knee or  hip replacements and helping with the psychological trauma that ill health or surgery often brings. I also help individuals to get confidence and a feeling of well- being back after stressful life events such as work related or family related trauma and also can just help people to find a little calm and quietness during the working week. I enjoy working with people who have professional or recreational interests in sports such as tennis, running, cycling or rugby  in order to get them at the top of their game.

I also enjoy teaching group classes . All of my group classes are small so that I  can offer some one-to one assistance so that pupils can work at an individual level even within a group setting.   Classes are friendly, I get to learn each person’s name and we have some laughter too. We are social animals and thrive best in a social environment. I also respect that some people like to be quiet and that’s okay too.

With my experience and  background, I hope to be able to show students that no matter what your beliefs, yoga has room for everyone and that the real point of yoga is to find peace within yourself through physical and mental wellbeing.

Contact me at Tanya@YogaWithTanya.co.uk or call 07796 895 942.

My Background

I am experienced both with teaching and as a proactive group leader after my time instructing undergraduates at the University of Surrey and as a Police Officer.

I  have a PhD in psychology, which I undertook at Surrey University between 2001 and 2006. My work there looked at there way we perceive emotions when  they are socially shared. I  presented my work there at an international level .

After 25 years of practice, I want to share my learning with others.

My Yoga History

Yoga is very much an important part of my everyday life. I started teaching yoga to my friends around 12 years ago and for the past 8 years have been teaching yoga full time. For me, there is nothing that compares to the satisfaction of being able to pass on to others the many great benefits that the practice of yoga gives an individual. I hope to be able to do this for many years to come.

I teach both group and private classes and the style of yoga I teach is explained on the classes page of this site.

My Yoga  Qualifications and Practice

2014- present : In depth training for yoga teachers about human anatomy –  Gary Carter at Natural Bodies

2010: Yoga London teacher training programme
200 hours of Yoga Alliance approved tuition – Course Director Rebecca Ffrench

2006 – 2007: British Wheel of Yoga 500 hour teacher training programme with Michael Hutchinson (twobirdsyoga). 
Modules completed in anatomy and physiology.

2006: Private tuition 
With Michael Hutchinson, a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher’s Instructor, in lieu of a foundation teacher training course with British Wheel of Yoga.

Personal Practice

2014- present
As a former scientist I am very interested in a science based view of how things work . Therefore , I have been more than thrilled to have found Gary Carter from ‘Natural Bodies’, a Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher and an anatomy teacher combined, with a special understanding of myofascia connections. I have been working with him now for 4 years and I am excited to be training myself to disseminate his anatomy knowledge on his  courses for yoga teachers.
I am interested in the connections between  neuroscience and the body and Stephen Braybrook is the man ahead of his field in this area.

1994 – 1999 and 2009 – 2010
At Yoga Seekers, Windlesham under the guidance of Swami Satyar Atnananda Saraswati.

1999 – 2010
With, and influenced by, a variety of teachers including Kundalini style yogi Kevin Shephard (SKY Yoga, Berkshire) and Rowan Cobelli (Integral Yoga, Dorset). I have attended numerous day and weekend courses with various yoga teachers since 1994.

There is always something new to learn with yoga, no matter your experience. I am humbly grateful to those that have taught me so much.