A special yoga student deserves a special teacherHi, I’m Tanya and I am a wellbeing practitioner. I teach Scaravelli inspired yoga.  I am passionate about working with people and helping them, having formerly been a police officer and completing a PhD in Psychology.

I run yoga group classes and workshops,  and I am also available for private yoga tuition at my own yoga studio located in Odiham.

I believe that yoga is for everyone, no matter your level of experience or fitness. My work aims to help readdress the balance in our bodies and counter busy lifestyles. Yoga helps to remedy the unnatural way we can hold our bodies for hours every day – while sitting at desks for instance.

Yoga is a brilliant, and calming, form of movement work and I hope that you can join me to see what it can offer you.

Please see the Yoga Classes page for up to date details of all my weekly sessions.

Contact me at Tanya@YogaWithTanya.co.uk or call 07796 895 942.

Look forward to meeting you,