How Classes Work- FAQs

How do I pay for classes?

Most classes are paid for in 6 week blocks.  There is a drop- in option also  (pay as you go)   for my Thursday night sessions at Frogmore Day Centre.   It is possible to join a class mid-way through a block and pay the pro-rata rate for the appropriate number of sessions left in that block.

What happens if I pay for a block but can’t make it to a class one week?

I understand that people lead busy lives and so I offer the opportunity for anyone that misses a session at their own class to catch up at another class at any time during that 6 week period so long as they just let me know first. As classes are busy this depends on space available, but there is always space at the Thursday night classes as the venue is larger.

How many people attend each class?

Most of my classes have around 6-8 students.

Are the classes friendly? Will I feel out of my depth?

I like to get to know everyone at my classes and I aim to teach in such a way that students get to know each other . Yoga classes should be friendly and fun and not competitive and unfriendly. If you can breathe you can do yoga, it does not matter if you are fat or thin; tall or short; old or young. I encourage everyone to try yoga to see for themselves its many benefits.

What shall I bring to class?

I  have a few spare mats  for people to borrow when they start so be sure to ask to borrow one before the start day so I know to bring one along. I encourage students to buy a mat for their practice eventually. I sell Yogamatters Sticky mats for the same price that they are sold for by Yogamatters. A blanket is useful to bring for the relaxation time at the end of class but a warm jumper or fleece is okay for relaxation too. Bring water if you wish to. At West Cottage classes everything is provided and so just bring you!

What else do I need to know? 

Try not to eat to close to a class start time if possible. A small snack such as a banana is okay  beforehand if necessary. Please do bring water to drink into class if you want to.

Class Etiquette: Mobile phones should be turned off during class. If possible please turn up to class a few minutes early ready for a prompt start. If late, students should enter very quietly so as not to disturb fellow students.

Call Tanya on 0779 6895942 or e-mail tanya@yogawithtanya.co.uk for a chat or information  about joining a class anytime.