Classes and Locations

I run a variety of classes suited to people of all ages and abilities. All classes are at West Cottage, which has a quiet  and cosy space for yoga and is located next to Hawley Woods. The yoga style is based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli.

 2018  Classes 

News! I’m moving house and packing up my studio here at West Cottage so  from June 2018 the location for classes will be at Frogmore Day Centre (GU46 6AG) on Wednesdays at 5.30 pm and 7pm and then for daytime class at Church Crookham Community Centre on Fridays at 11.30 am . For private 121 yoga sessions the location will be at my new little studio in Odiham . I am also going to be starting classes in and around Odiham. I’m excited about the move but sad also to moving away from our beautiful West Cottage Studio and will miss all the students that come here.   Thanks to all that have been here to support the work I do for the last few years. Please keep an eye on this page and my Facebook page for updates. I expect a full schedule up and running for September. 

Classes for summer 2018: 

Scaravelli Yoga at Frogmore Day Centre (GU46 6AG) on Wednesdays at 5.30 pm and 7pm

Scaravelli Yoga at Church Crookham Community Centre on Fridays at 11.30 am

Private 121 Classes at home studio in Odiham – contact Tanya for details please. 

Any questions? Contact me at or call / text me 07796 895 942.

We work without trying to achieve particular goals and without ambition and yet through the practice we find amazing strength and mobility,  yet quietness and calm also…

Those that have been coming to yoga with me for a while have noticed a great shift in the way I teach over the last couple of years . Over the years I have worked with many teachers and I have been influenced by lots of styles. My last style  (based on ashtanga yoga ) was pushing my body too hard , without consideration of its natural way of moving . The practice had become driven by what the posture  would look like rather than how it felt on the inside. As I was getting older and had some  sports injuries it didn’t feel that good any more to be working this way. Quite by chance I went to workshop with  a yoga and anatomy teacher called Gary Carter and my life changed. I suddenly felt ease and lightness  in my body and a knee problem that I was beginning to develop began to disappear. Gradually over time I dropped the old hard ways of practice and I now I teach in this innovative, yet natural, method . We  use gravity and the gentle release of the body  against the ground to find freedom in movement. We become our own manual therapists and work to find just a tiny amount of space in the joints to maintain freedom of movement in the body.  The practice has its roots with a style of yoga called Scaravelli, based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli.

The beauty of the work is that it can help everyone: for example  I currently teach people  looking for recovery after  hip or knee replacements to  super active martial arts students looking to find more flexibility and ease in the body . The work also allows the nervous system to find a quiet space to reside and as such it becomes  a very calming, introspective  practice , which is what yoga should be .

As individuals we each have unique bodies, the same as we have unique faces and so classes are centred on the individual , rather than the teacher’s expectations of what an individual should achieve , so there is freedom for each person to explore their own practice and feel their own body. This makes the emphasis less about achieving a particular posture but more about the journey of getting there. Classes are suitable for everyone and it means  each person can take the class at their own pace.