Yoga in Turkey

I have just arrived home from a wonderful week of yoga in Turkey with anatomy and yoga teacher Gary Carter and his lovely wife Sharon. I have so much ground breaking knowledge about the human body to share with students all through the practice of yoga so come along to class soon maybe?…

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Our feet are rather neglected. We don’t really need to use the muscles in them much anymore; they are cushioned and enveloped in shoes and we walk on flat floors. It’s a very unnatural environment for them to live in. However, our feet are like the pistons of the body , they want to get involved and help us maintain balance and movement . They have the same number of muscles and bones as the hands so we should be able to move them in the same way but we can’t. Using the feet, and the whole body efficiently, can help us achieve space and lightness in the joints and so therefore help us to avoid hip and knee replacements as we get older. Let’s all start using our feet more. If this sounds interesting to you, then come along to a class and learn a bit more about these wonderful things stuck at the bottom of our bodies!

Rock and Rolling

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We are designed to roll. We have a whole collection of ball and socket joints (even the knee is now considered to be a double ball and socket joint and not a hinge joint). As a baby it’s what we very quickly learn to do. Here is Gary Carter from Natural Bodies demonstrating a way a baby learns to stand from a collection of rolling movements with the body. Rolling is a great way to stretch and release the gooey fascia stuff that runs under, over and through the muscles. It’s fascia not muscle that has nerve endings and can give us the perception of aches or pain so this stuff really needs to be moved around and stretched out. The fascia runs from the bottom of our feet to the top of our necks (like a big sausage skin!) and so thinking of the body as one thing rather than a collection of different muscles and limbs is the best way to work this stuff. Have a roll around on the carpet for a bit and see how it feels ? It’s actually great fun to do! Lose your adult brain for a bit (go back to childhood and remember the feeling of rolling down a hill maybe…) and just enjoy the sensation of rolling. There will be a fascia workshop coming soon for anyone that’s interested…

Pair work at the Frogmore Class

Had some fun last night with a little pair work in class … always dreaded but then always enjoyed. Lots of fun and laughter had by all which produces the cuddle hormone – Oxytocin- this hormone is great for reducing anxiety and increases pro social behaviour. New research also shows it is useful for slowing the ageing process. It was also useful to have a good old stretch of course!


Yoga Holiday 2015

I am delighted to announce that I have finally got round to organising a yoga holiday- here are the details!

4 Day Yoga Holiday 

 Holne Village Hall- Dartmoor

 Friday 22 (4pm) – Monday 25 May (1pm) 2015

Posture work, pranayama (breath work) and meditation techinques. This long weekend course should be deeply relaxing and is intended to be a holiday too! Accommodation is not included so non yogi partners or friends are able to also come. Some after class socialising will be arranged but is entirely optional. Opportunities for walking and exploring beautiful Dartmoor.

Provisional Schedule:

Friday 22nd- 4.30 -7 pm Hatha Yoga and Relaxation  

followed by meal – optional (not included in price)

Saturday 23rd 10- 1pm Modified Ashtanga

(Saturday afternoon and evening free time)

Sunday 24th 10- 1pm Feldenkrais and Hatha Yoga

Sunday 24th 5- 7 pm Pranayama (breath work) and meditation 

Monday 25th 10- 1pm Final Yoga Session

Cost £150 (tuition only) (Deposit £50)

Find out more now by calling Tanya on

07796 895942 or visit


Yoga Room Art

The Yoga Room has been treated to some new art this summer in the form of a beautiful stained glass window panel made by Cornish artist Julia Mills. It fits perfectly and I love the chicken detail. Here it is and the bottom picture shows Julia stuffing it into my already full car when I met her in Devon this summer to take ownership of it. Students love it and the colour of the glass alters the light in the room beautifully.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA juliamills

Charity Yogathon on Midsummer’s Day

On Saturday 21st June- the longest day of the year- 12 keen students did 108 postures in 3 hours and raised almost £3000 for charity. The charity we chose this year was Alzheimer’s Society. The sun shone and it was lots of fun. This mammoth session was finished with a deep relaxation or ‘Yoga Nidra’, which was led by a yoga teacher friend of mine Kevin Shepherd. Here are some of the photos :Ython6IMG_2444ython1IMG_2511IMG_2620IMG_2720IMG_2724

Brilliant Workshop Weekend


Great Weekend Workshop in Oxford with John Scott ( direct pupil of Pattabi Jois) . Three lovely past and present students attended and all did well and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are Chris and John showing off some superb facial hair styles!

Spring Has Arrived at West Cottage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt last, after some dreadful storms and lots of big fir trees down around the cottage studio, Spring has finally arrived at West Cottage. The birds are singing and the studio is once again a bright and sunny place for a peaceful daytime class.