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Rock and Rolling

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We are designed to roll. We have a whole collection of ball and socket joints (even the knee is now considered to be a double ball and socket joint and not a hinge joint). As a baby it’s what we very quickly learn to do. Here is Gary Carter from Natural Bodies demonstrating a way a baby learns to stand from a collection of rolling movements with the body. Rolling is a great way to stretch and release the gooey fascia stuff that runs under, over and through the muscles. It’s fascia not muscle that has nerve endings and can give us the perception of aches or pain so this stuff really needs to be moved around and stretched out. The fascia runs from the bottom of our feet to the top of our necks (like a big sausage skin!) and so thinking of the body as one thing rather than a collection of different muscles and limbs is the best way to work this stuff. Have a roll around on the carpet for a bit and see how it feels ? It’s actually great fun to do! Lose your adult brain for a bit (go back to childhood and remember the feeling of rolling down a hill maybe…) and just enjoy the sensation of rolling. There will be a fascia workshop coming soon for anyone that’s interested…