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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s hope it brings peace and happiness to all.

So far, the new year has been quite funny for me as I went outside to let my chickens out but the garden is so slippery and muddy with all the torrential rain we’ve been having  that I slipped over a bit – not enough to fall (thanks to yoga ) but enough to cover my feet, legs and new white dressing gown in thick mud! If I hadn’t had a good sense of balance I would have been flat on my face for sure.

My 87 year old Mum has a great sense of balance too. She introduced me and my friends to yoga when we were about 14 or 15. My friends all remember her teaching us sun salutes in the kitchen in between cooking our tea! Mum did yoga for many, many years and she still has  excellent mobility, flexibility and strength because of it. This is her at Christmas putting my 24 year old (non-practicing ) son to shame. Mike, my son went back to uni after the Xmas break with a yoga mat strapped to his back pack in order not to shown up by Nan again!

Yoga Family 1Yoga Family 2